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Staff and Leadership

Meet the Spiritual Team

The best church leader is a team. At Stockbridge Presbyterian Church, we’re blessed with an outstanding group of dedicated believers and religious leaders who conduct services, run events and keep our community on a clear spiritual path.

Rev. Kristy Ray 


Rev. Kristy Ray grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In 2008 she graduated with a BA in Youth Ministry and Theatre at King College in Bristol, TN.  In 20216 she graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA with an Mdiv and MAPT in Christian Education. 

Kristy has had a heart for ministry since she was a teenager working at Massanetta Springs and continues to serve the greater church with youth ministry in the summers. Kristy has a passion for sharing stories and allowing for storytelling to be a healing place for people. 

Kristy is a wife and a mom of two wonderful boys (James, 16 and Micah, 4). She spends time reading and laughing with her boys. 

Piano B&W

Andrea Emmel 

Choir Director and Church Musician 

Andrea grew up in Brazil and is a Music Teacher in Gwinnett County. Andrea has a passion for teaching and sharing a variety of musical styles in worship. 

Ruling Elders 

An important part of our team is we are organized by having ruling elders make decisions on behalf of the church. They are elected by the congregation. Our elders are separated into three committees. 

Discipleship: Includes worship and Christian Formation for all ages. Our elders currently are JoLinda Ingram and Earline Smith. 

Witness: Includes congregational care, fellowship, outreach, and mission. Our elders currently are Betsy Sierra and Paul Szeto. 

Resources: Includes personnel, building and grounds, and finances. Our elders currently are Kim Seal and Thomas Baxter. 

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